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Mechanical &

A package of control-diagnostic, alignment, assembly-disassembly and other types of work.

Engine repair

Engine repair is the operation that almost every car owner fears the most. This is where all the most expensive parts and elements of the car are located. The cost here is the higher since the assembly is a kind of "heart" of the car, and it is impossible to identify the problem and fix it without additional mechanical works.

One of the company's advantages is its lower price compared to the business rivals. But not only the maintenance cost, that suits any car owner, is our advantage! Regular customers know that we provide professional and quality car repair and maintenance of passenger cars, commercial and semi-commercial cars, regardless of the engine year of manufacture and the complexity of its failure.

Brake system repair

Brake system repair is one of the most frequently requested types of work. Our car service provides a wide range of diagnostic, maintenance and repair work of both domestic and foreign cars.

Exhaust system repair

Exhaust system repair is a procedure that is not recommended to be postponed.

If the assembly elements do not work properly, it affects the creation of the fuel-air mixture or the exhaust gases. Disregarding the abnormal system performance can lead to serious costs.

Transmission repair

Transmission repair is an important step of car maintenance, as both comfort and safety depends on the condition of this assembly. Damage to gearbox parts or clutch wear can lead to failure of a specific gearing or its unintentional activation, which can cause an emergency situation.

Out car service centers provide clutch and transmission repair for any car model. Apart from that, we have all the spares for your transmission at best prices.