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Air Condition

We will fix any malfunction of car air conditioners, regardless of the cause and complexity.

Recharging of car air conditioners

Recharging the car air conditioners and their regular preventive maintenance are the obligatory conditions for a stable and uninterrupted inflow of cold air inside the car interior. A/C malfunction in hot weather drastically reduces the travel comfort, especially when it comes to traveling long distances.

A/C disinfection

The most active "supplier" of unpleasant smell, and unfortunately, of bacteria and microorganisms directly into the car interior is the air conditioner evaporator, where heated air flows in heating or cooling mode. Condensation is generated on the evaporator in air conditioning mode, to which the dust adheres. Pathogenic flora starts developing in this layer when the air conditioner is turned off. Evaporator temperatures never destroy them. This applies to all air conditioning systems without exception. The average period for the formation of unacceptable level of polluted air emission is six months, depending on the frequency of A/C usage.

A/C diagnostics

A/C diagnostics is performed to inspect for leaks. It is advisable to do it at least once a year. Our experts recommend doing it in the spring, because the problems with this assembly are most relevant after winter. During this season, the A/C operation is not relevant, so the pipes dry out, and the system gets clogged. In addition, if the car is not used for a long time in winter, there may be wiring problems, which can also have a negative impact on the A/C operation, up to short circuit and complete failure.

A/C repair

A/C repair can be done properly only by an experienced specialist who has all the necessary equipment and spare parts available.

Proper A/C operation has a direct effect on comfort, especially for trips in summer. It is often the case that on the first trip out after a long downtime due to cold weather, the driver notices that A/C is completely malfunctioning or not working properly.