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Denting &

We can eliminate any car body damage and bring your car back to its original brilliant appearance.

Tasks addressed

Car body repair will help to fix the situation when the car was damaged by external factors or as a result of an accident.

Chipping, scratches or dents, and faded paint-and-lacquer coating are among the most common problems, making the car unattractive.


Some drivers don't pay much attention to minor chipping and dents. However, car body malfunctions cannot be ignored. Paint damage will result in corrosion spots, and subsequently the only solution will be a complete replacement of the part. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the professionals without delay. Our car service specialists provide the car body repair of any complexity at a low price.

Cosmetic repairs

Includes painting, puttying and polishing. These works are aimed at refreshing the appearance of the car and fixing minor defects such as scratches or chipping.

Repair of individual body parts

Includes repairing serious damage such as fixing a cracked bumper, replacing components, straightening complex dents, etc.

Car painting

Full car painting will solve the problem of body parts deterioration and prolong their service life.

We will undertake tasks of any complexity, from elimination of scuffs and scratches, to a full paint job. We will conduct reclamation work after damage if necessary.